Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

AaronFriarAaron Friar earned a Bachelor's of Science in Forestry from ATCOFA in 2010.

Friar now serves as the Promotions and Sales Specialist for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s State Parks Division. Through this position, he is responsible for promoting over ninety state park and historical sites in six eco-regions throughout the state. The duties of the job are varied, ranging from working with the travel and tourism industry and special interest groups, to providing expertise to individual parks.

“I get to engage communities to get them interested in their natural environment,” Friar explains. “This is becoming increasingly important as our society’s children are becoming less connected to their natural surroundings, our lands are becoming more fragmented and urbanized, and our populations are growing and increasing demands on our world’s resources.”

Friar credits his success to his family who instilled a strong work ethic, the mentors he gained through ATCOFA, and finally, his willingness to take chances and challenge himself.

“You will never learn anything if you don’t go anywhere, and there are just too many wonderful opportunities to let pass you by.”