Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

FAT2006CAs District Forester III with the Texas A&M Forest Service, John Boyette is entrenched in the management of Texas’ forest land. From working one on one with landowners to conducting school and teacher programs, each day brings a new set of exciting challenges.

“There is no such thing as a typical day,” Boyette explains. “They are all different.”

Boyette received both his Bachelor's of Science and Master's of Science  in forestry from ATCOFA. After graduating with his master’s in 1980, he was employed by the Texas Forest Service as a wood technologist. After 13 years in that position, he was moved to the Nacogdoches District where he still works today.

During his career, Boyette has received a number of awards for his performance in the field, but says the most meaningful ones are those which recognize his skill as an effective educator. He credits his success to hard work, willingness to work with people, and more than a little luck.

Boyette advises students who plan to pursue a similar career path take their education seriously, develop their written and oral communication skills, learn how to listen, and above all, maintain a positive attitude.