Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Sherrill Hobbs, who earned a Bachelor's of Science inSherrillHobbs forestry and a Master's of Science in agronomy from SFA, has a successful science based career that spans 28 years. Her titles have ranged from SFA lab technician and USDA Soil Conservation Scientist to Science Department Head and Advanced Placement Chemistry Teacher for Hemphill High School.

“My broad scientific background and experience has been a tremendous asset in my teaching career,” Hobbs said.

Her enthusiasm for science and its role in enabling an understanding of our natural world began during childhood. She now shares her knowledge with the next generation of scientists in her AP Chemistry classes.

“Many of my days are spent in my two very up-to-date Chemistry Labs engaging my students in hands-on learning as often as possible,” Hobbs explained. “We are blessed to live in the midst of the Sabine National Forest and Indian Mounds Wilderness Area which provide a wonderful backdrop and outdoor laboratory for the application of science to the real world.”

Hobbs won the Gilber I. “Buddy” Low Excellence in Teaching Award in 2011, but prefers to emphasize her student’s achievements. On two different occasions, Hobbs notes, her pupils have been named as top chemistry students in the Regional Academic UIL competition.

According to Hobbs, the high academic and professional standards insisted upon by professors at ATCOFA still influence her career.

“Due to their influence and the influence of my parents, I am not afraid of hard work and know how to pay attention to the details that are important,” Hobbs said. “I believe this is what sets ATCOF graduates apart from others.”