Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

HeatherHeather Shipley, an ATCOFA Bachelor of Science in Forestry (BSF) student, was awarded the 2014 Soldier of the Year for her National Guard brigade.

Heather, a sophomore, competed against twenty-seven soldiers and airmen from across the state in the second annual joint-service competition at the Texas Army National Guard’s Training site at Camp Swift. The three-day long event consisted of various scored events and recognized the fittest and most professional Guardsmen within the Texas Military Forces. “The competition included a 6-mile road march, an obstacle course, the use of combat arms, a land navigation exercise, proficiency in various warrior tasks, writing an essay and appearing before a board that reviewed their personal appearance, military bearing and knowledge.” Specialist Heather Shipley, the only female competitor, placed 5th out of 27 participants at the regional competition.

ATCOFA is pleased to recognize Heather and all of our students for their current and past service in the military.