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The Stephen F. Austin State University Sylvans placed second overall at the 59th annual Southern Forestry Conclave hosted by Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina.

Of the 15 total schools competing, the SFA Sylvans placed first in physical events and third in technical events, earning a total of 298.5 points overall. Clemson University won first place with 312 points, while North Carolina State finished third with 283 points.

Dr. Jeremy Stovall, SFA Sylvan’s faculty adviser, said that Clemson University had a very strong team and was an excellent event host. SFA will host the 2017 Conclave.

Individual results are as follows:

Technical Events

1st – Wildlife Identification: John Burns and Ellart ‘Dutch’ Vreugdenhil

2nd – Wood Technology: Austin McGuffie

5th – Dendrology: Matt Ruffin

5th – Compass & Pacing: Taylor Barton

7th – Timber Estimation: Austin McGuffie

8th – Photogrammetry: Maggie O’Neil

9th – Pole Classification: John Burns

10th – DBH Estimation: Colin Lowther

Physical Events

1st – Women’s Crosscut: Kaitlyn Yates and Kirbee Bowman

1st – Jack & Jill Crosscut: Kirbee Bowman and Zack Ovelgonne

1st – Women’s Bow Saw: Kaitlyn Yates

1st – Men’s Bow Saw: Zack Ovelgonne  

1st – Pole Climbing: Ellart “Dutch” Vreugdenhil

1st – Chain Throw: Sean Hoes and Ellart “Dutch” Vreugdenhil

2nd – Archery: Zack Ovelgonne

4th – Knife Throw: Christopher Longman

4th – Pole Fell: Colin Lowther

5th (tie) – Axe Throw: Sean Hoes

5th – Underhand Chop: Zack Ovelgonne

5th – Log Rolling: Tyler Brady and Christopher Longman

5th (tie) – Log Birling: Ellart “Dutch” Vreugdenhil

7th – Men’s Crosscut: Zack Ovelgonne and Brody Capps