Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

RockwoodTWSAwardThe Wildlife Society named Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture alumnus Stephen Rockwood recipient of the 2016 Distinguished Service Award for the Southeastern Section.

Byron K. Williams, chief executive officer of The Wildlife Society, said the Distinguished Service Award recognizes individuals who have worked throughout their careers in a variety of ways to further the mission of The Wildlife Society and can always be counted on to serve when needed.

Rockwood earned a Bachelor and Master of Science in forestry with an emphasis in wildlife management from SFA. He currently serves as the bureau chief of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission located in Tallahassee. In this position, Rockwood manages the agency’s Aquatic Habitat Management Section, which is responsible for managing, enhancing and restoring the states publicly owned freshwater, brackish water and estuarine water bodies.

“During his career, he has made significant and important contributions to wetlands conservation, restoration, and management in Florida and nationally,” said Diane R. Eggeman, director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Division of Hunting and Game Management.

Of these contributions, Rockwood said the most meaningful is the establishment of Florida’s first and only publicly managed waterfowl management area and the development of moist-soil wetland management techniques for sub-tropical climates.