Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

DSC 7452.JPGwebStephen F. Austin State University’s timbersports team, the Sylvans, won their fifth consecutive collegiate title at the annual Arkansas State Lumberjack Competition held during Timberfest in Sheridan, Ark.

SFA students placed first in the double buck crosscut, single buck crosscut, Jack and Jill crosscut, men’s bowsaw, underhand chop and axe throw.

“It matched last year as one of the Sylvans’ most dominant victories in Timberfest competitions,” Said Dr. Jeremy Stovall, professor of forestry and Sylvans faculty advisor.

Arkansas House of Representatives member Ken Bragg, an SFA alumnus and past Sylvans president, officiated the competition, which was organized by fellow SFA alumnus Karl Hansen, among others.